Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are You A History Traveler?

Here's a quick way to find out.

When traveling, do you ever wonder how and why the people living in a given area moved there? How the characteristic architecture of a community was determined? What economic forces determined the types of work found in the area? What is the dominant culture of the people of the region? Is it native to the area or the result of migration? What arts and crafts are to be found? What language is predominantly spoken and are there regional variations of the language?

Simply put, if you are at all curious about the who, what, why, when, where and how of a region or travel destination...then, my friend, you are a history traveler!

A History Traveler Defined

A history traveler is not the person who wants to only lay in the sun on the beach or poolside, shop til they drop, eat solely at the trendiest restaurants and return home with the standard tourist pictures...enjoyable as that kind of trip can be.

The history traveler wants a bit more. They want to not only enjoy the destination but also learn how it came into existence. Who the people are and what their culture considers important. In other words, the history traveler wants to look beneath the surface of a destination and understand more about the locale through it's people, culture and history.

This Journal is for You

So, welcome to a journal dedicated to delving into the historical aspects of travel destinations around the world. It's also a place where you can share those interesting facts that you have learned that other history travelers would love to learn.

So, please become a subscriber and join the history traveler community!

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